BiocurePharm is Biopharmaceutical venture company that has a target to overcome incurable disease.

Biocurepharm Research Institute was founded in 2005 with a corporate goal of focusing on developing biopharmaceuticals, such as recombinant proteins. We are working in the laboratory to develop new drugs, biopharmaceuticals and bulk.

For recombinant protein production, we adopted two platform technologies of E.coli and mammalian cell culture systems. Using gene recombinant technique, the institute has succeeded in developing interferon-alpha, interferon-beta, EPO, ranibizumab, FMD vaccine, breast cancer detection kit, hair growth treatment and G-CSF.

Our R&D strategies to increase productivity are as follows:
- Continuous Investment on R&D
- Core Technology Acquisition
- Industrial-educational Cooperation
- Alliance with Bioventure Corporation
- R&D network