BiocurePharm is Biopharmaceutical venture company that has a target to overcome incurable disease.

-  Ingredient : Filgrastim/recombinant human G-CSF.
-  Dosage : 75 mcg/0.3mL
                 150 mcg/0.6mL
                 300 mcg/1.2mL
-  Specific Activity : 1.0±0.6 x 108U/mg
-  Application : Cancer combine therapy, Blood disorder
-  Filgrastim is produced from recombinant E.Coli

Interferon-β 1b
-  Ingredient: Recombinant human interferon-β 1b
-  Dosage: 0.3mg/vial
-  Specific Activity: 3.2 x 107U/mg
-  Application: Multiple sclerosis
-  rhIFN- β 1b is produced by recombinant DNA technique from E.Coli.
   It is genetically engineered
   plasmid containing the gene for human interferon betaser-17.

Interferon-α 2b
-  Ingredient: Recombinant human Interferon-α 2b
-  Specific activity: 2.6 x 108U/mg
-  Application: Hepatitis B virus
-  IFN- α 2b is a watersoluble protein and produced by E.Coli.

-  Ingredient: Recombinant human erythropoietin
-  Dosage: 1,000 IU/2,000 IU/3,000 IU/4,000 IU/10,000 IU
-  Application: Anemia
-  Suspension culture type and also attached culture is possible
-  EPO is produced from recombinant CHO cells.

        -  Ingredient: Ranibizumab
         -  Dosage: 10mg/mL syringe, 10mg/mL vial, 6mg/mL vial
         -  Application: Neovascular age-related macular degeneration
      FMD vaccine
        -  Ingredient: Recombinant protein
         -  Application: Food and Mouth Disease
         -  Quickly develop customized strain and produce exactly maching vaccine

-  Ingredient: Recombinant human EGF
-  Dosage: 1mg/vial
-  EGF is to cure 
   Application: Diabetic foot ulcer. 
                      treatment of wounds
-  EGF is produced from recombinant 

Factor VIII
-  Ingredient: Recombinant human B-domain deleted FⅧ
-  Dosage: 500 IU/vial, 1,000 IU/vial
-  Application: Prophylaxis or treatment of Haemophia A
-  FⅧ is produced from recombinant CHO cells.