BiocurePharm is Biopharmaceutical venture company that has a target to overcome incurable disease.

BCD Kit using blood sample, developed first in the world with ROK-Government R&D funding since 2007.

Currently, the main methods of breast cancer detection were X-Ray, ultrasonic waves and direct biopsy with only 50 ~ 60% accuracy.

Biopsy is not cost effective and inconvenient, hence BCD Kit is the most cost effective and pain free alternative.

BCD kit is the one and only in the world that is groundbreaking and shows 92% or more of sensitivity and specificity even with a small amount of sample blood of a patient.

BCD, a simple primary screening tool for breast cancer.

BCD kit was developed by E&S Healthcare in local Biotech company, Biocurepharm Inc. is the global marketing partner.

A new joint venture company, Biopharm-Swiss, currently acquired CE marking on BCD Kit.