Company Profile

Biocurepharm is biopharmaceutical company which is developing of recombinant based biopharmaceuticals on the basis of genetic manipulation, cultivation, purification and bioengineering technology etc.. We are pursuing of a worldwide localization strategy with partnership to carry out biopharmaceuticals production, preclinical and clinical studies through joint worldwide. Our partners company that located in worldwide that are interested in production biopharmaceuticals, and then register them after product registration by Biocurepharm`s technology.

In the case of biopharmaceuticals which patents have not expired, the product is with a monopolistic structure and patients who need products were required to pay a high price. However, if it is difficult to produce in the country even after the expiration of the patent, it must continue to buy expensive imported drugs. The only some countries can produce because manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals requires high technologies. We aim to make it possible to collaborate and commercialize the production facilities and permits necessary for the production of biopharmaceuticals based on an already developed processes by our competent local partners in countries that require these technologies. These collaborations enable partners to produce and sell biopharmaceuticals in their own countries, and we can minimize the input of large initial funds and enable multinational production.

And not only biopharmaceuticals we developed recombinant proteins like human growth factors. These products are actively factors that can promote hair growth, skin regeneration, wrinkle removal, and wound healing. It has successfully produced by recombinant technology, culture, and purification from bacteria. They will use a raw material to cosmetics or exporting products. In addition, we plan to produce and sell other of superior products such as diagnostics, FMD(Foot and Mouth) vaccines, etc to global market through sales networks with our partner.