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Aug. 2017 Listing in the Canada Stock Exchange (CSE)
Oct. 2016 Started production of hair growth product containing 5 kinds of growth factors
Oct. 2016 Bio-similar and a FMD Vaccine joint factory project with ORNA, Turkey
Oct. 2016 Contracted joint venture for FMD Vaccine production with Pharos Vaccine, Korea
Aug. 2016 Established Biopharma-Switzerland in Zurich, Switzerland (main shareholder)
Jul. 2016 Final discussing a Bio-similar joint factory project with Royan Group, Iran
Sep. 2015 Completed capital increase with consideration (issued total 3,158,887 shares)
Jan. 2015 Agreed with Biocurepharm-Atabay(Turkey) for joint development of Ranibizumab
Aug. 2012 Attracted FDI USD500Mil from Macauley Gehler, Singapore
Jan. 2012 Established Biocurepharm-MG in Singapore with Macauley Gehler
Mar. 2011 Completed joint development of a detection kit of breast cancer (clinical test started)
Dec. 2007 Achieved export of USD 4.5 million
Nov. 2006 Awarded the national export tower of USD 1 million
Aug. 2005 Company founded (Paid-in capital of USD 50,000)