Treatment For Multiple Sclerosis

▶ Multiple Sclerosis

• It is a chronic disease that occurs in the central nervous system consisting of the brain, spinal cord and optic nerve. It is an autoimmune disease in which the patient's own immune system attacks healthy cells and tissues

• Although the cause has not yet been elucidated, several studies have shown that genetic and environmental factors play a complex role.
    Multiple sclerosis occurs more frequently in remote areas of the equator, most commonly in Europe and North America
    One visual neuritis is often the initial symptom of multiple sclerosis and recurrences are well. The symptoms accompanied by the disease are variable, and various symptoms are seen depending on which central nervous system is affected.

• There is no known to treatment for multiple sclerosis and it can be alleviated by periodic administration of interferon beta injections.

▶ Market Situation

• The market for multiple sclerosis drugs is one of the blockbuster biopharmaceutical drugs with annual sales of approximately 8 trillion won.

• Interferon beta 1a and interferon beta 1b can be divided according to the origin of the manufacturing process.

• Few companies have produced and commercialized interferon beta.

• Patients develop not only in developed countries, North America and Western Europe, but also in the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe and South America.

▶ Developed

• Mass Production Process Completed

• Began pre-employment in 2017

• The Clinical study expects about 18-24 months.

▶ Market Entry Strategy

• First in the Middle East, North Africa and Brazil markets

• Produced at a joint company in Turkey and Iran

• Can be produced at a reasonable price compared to the current average price