Neutropenia Treatment Drug

▶ Neutropenia

• Neutropenia refers to a case in which the number of neutrophils in the leukocyte is abnormally reduced and the number of neutrophils is reduced to less than 1000.

• Neutrophils can increase the risk of infection by neutropenia, because bacteria and bacteria in the blood can destroy and defend bacteria when they invade our bodies.

• Causes are neutropenia in the bone marrow, neutrophils are produced less, neutrophils are destroyed, cancer cases are reduced by anticancer treatment, and neutropenia also occurs in viral infections.

▶ Market Situation

• There is a neoplasm developed by Amgen as a therapeutic agent that plays an important role in the recovery of immunity for cancer patients (annually about $ 600 million or more)

• Currently, patents have expired and many companies are producing and selling biosimilars.

▶ Development Prefecture

• Mass Production Process Completed

• Preclinical and clinical estimates are about 30 months

• Developed 2nd generation PEG-GCSF

▶ Market Entry Strategy

• Will be produced as a joint company with overseas partners

• Can be produced at a reasonable price compared to the current average price