Macular Degeneration Drug
▶ Macular Degeneration

• The cause of the ophthalmologic disorder is unknown. However, the cause of the ophthalmologic defect is not clear yet. However, it is not known exactly yet. These include age (aging), genetic predisposition, cardiovascular disease, smoking, hypercholesterolemia, excessive light (ultraviolet) exposure, and low serum antioxidant concentrations.

• The increase in aging society and the increase of cardiovascular disease are the causes of the increase of macular degeneration.

• Therapeutic methods include laser photocoagulation, metastatic surgery, surgical procedures and various medications.

• Lucentis, a representative drug therapy, is an antibody fragment produced from a recombinant microorganism to treat angiogenic diseases through inhibition of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF).

▶ Market Situation

• Lucentis is a rapidly growing blockbuster (Annual sales of 1.3 trillion won / 2015), which was developed at Genentech in 2006.

• There is a rapid increase in macular degenerative diseases with the aging of the world.

• It is a burden for patients with a high drug price, but biosimilars are being developed because the substance patent expires in 2017.

▶ Development Status

• Produced by recombinant E. coli.

• It is scheduled to be pre-scheduled in 2018.

▶ Market Entry Strategy

• Manufactured by an overseas joint company

• Can be produced at a reasonable price compared to the current average price