CAR-T cell therapy
CAR-T cell therapy : Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cell therapy

• CAR-T cell therapy is treatment which re-injects after propagation using recombinant chimeric antigen T cell to target tumor cell antigen in-vitro.

• It is treatment by an auto-immune system specifically to combine with cancer cell, unlike conventional therapy.

• First CAR-T Cell therapy was launched in 2017, some candidates are developing and commercializing.

• Chimeric receptor technology using T cells extracted from patients with leukemia or lymphoma is specific binding capacity of the receptor. It is shown high killing effect of T cells of 83% for patients (leukemia) who can not be treated by conventional therapy.

• Biocurepharm and PharosVaccine is co-operating to commercialize and transfer technical know-how since 2017.