Functional Cosmetic Raw Materials
Growth Factors

Although the product was developed by confirming the effect of hair growth treatment in adipose stem cell culture, direct use of adipose stem cell culture fluid has a legal limit in the world market. Therefore, by analyzing the active substance present in the culture fluid through the development technology of the recombinant protein possessed by the Company, each strain having the functional property can be produced in the microorganism using the recombinant protein technology,
Each growth factor is used as a raw material for functional cosmetics and is known to Promote skin whitening and regeneration regeneration as well as a hair care effect.

Material name origin function
VEGF Saccharomyces cerevisiae It stimulates vascular endothelial cell division and induces neovascularization, which is effective for wound healing and promotes hair growth.
Insulin-like growth factor(IGF1) Escherichia coli It is produced in the liver and is present in the blood. It is associated with aging and has known a function growth for wrinkle improvement and skin aging.
Fibroblast growth factor(bFGF2) Escherichia coli It is involved in angiogenesis and has a functional effect on wound healing and skin aging.
Transforming growth factor(TGFβ) Escherichia coli It is substance that transforms aging skin by affecting proliferation, growth and differentiation of skin cells. It is effective for wound healing.
Epithelial cell growth factor(EGF) Escherichia coli It has promotes proliferation on cell growth and differentiation thus is effective for skin regeneration effect and wound healing. It is widely used as functional cosmetic raw material for whitening and wrinkle improvement.